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European Union Blue Card

The EU Blue Card is a Temporary residence permit for the purpose of highly qualified employment. It is a single permit allowing both to live and work in a Europe country for a period exceeding 3 months. It is issued to persons whose job is on the list of the regulated Professions. The Blue Card is issued by Voivod Offices of each voivodeship in Europe . The procedure may last up to 2 months. If you have the Blue Card issued by another European country and you are planning to come to Slovenia, you also need to apply for the Blue Card in Slovenia. If you have resided in another EU country for at least 18 months and you are moving to Slovenia, you have to apply for the blue card in Slovenia within a month.

Who May Apply for the Blue Card?
The EU Blue Card may be applied for by the foreigners who meet the following conditions:

  • • Have an employment contract or a preliminary employment contract covering the period of at least 1 year.
  • • Have completed at least a 3-year course of study at a higher education institution.
  • • Have higher professional qualifications (higher education).
  • • Have 5 years of vocational experience in the field that is compatible with their profession.
  • • Hold a health insurance.
  • • Have a permit to practice a profession, or to hold an office, in the case where such a permit is required.

Who may not be granted the Blue Card?
A foreigner will not be granted the Blue Card if:

  • • They have a refugee status, asylum, supplementary protection, or the permit for tolerated stay.
  • • They apply for a refugee status or asylum, or holds the Schengen visa issued for humanitarian reasons, or reasons related to Slovenia's international obligations.
  • • They have a permit to settle, or long-term resident's EC residence permit.
  • • They have residence permit for a fixed period of time, issued pursuant to the family union provisions, or in connection with scientific activity,
  • • They have obtained a decision on expulsion or obligation to leave the territory of Slovenia.
  • • They are staying in detention centre, or in a guarded centre, or obtained a ban to leave the Republic of Slovenia.
  • • They are working in Slovenia, having been temporarily seconded by an employer from EU.
  • • They come to Slovenia based on an international agreement in connection with the trade or investments conducted.
  • • They are a seasonal employee.

Spanish Stay Card
If you are studying in Slovenia and you have a Stay Card with you, You can legally work in the country and you do not have to have a work permit. Once you begin your studies in Slovenia, you gain the right to stay in the country for the maximum period of three months. EU citizens must apply for their Stay Card at the local Voiviodeship office dealing with the queries from their region (which means the town you live in Slovenia). If you have the Blue Card or Stay Card issued by another European country and you are planning to come to Slovenia, you also need to apply for the Stay Card in Slovenia. Foreigners who are not from the EU member states can also apply for a Stay Card. They also need to have a Spanish visa in order to enter the country. It is recommended that you apply for a Stay Card soon after your come to Slovenia, and no later than 3 months from the date of your arrival. Spanish Stay cards are usually issued for a period of two years with the possibility of cyclic renewal. The total period of residence in Slovenia on the basis of Stay Card cannot be longer than ten years.

If you are applying for the Stay Card based on the fact of the commencement or continuation of your studies, you need to submit in addition:

  • • Your legal right to live in your current address and the documents confirming the renting cost (i.e. your lease contract)
  • • A document confirming you have sufficient funds to pay the rent and to return to your home country after graduation
  • • Health insurance or a confirmation that the cost of your treatment in Slovenia will be covered by your insurer.
  • • Confirmation from your school that you have been admitted for a course or that you are entitled to continue your studies.
  • A proof of payment of all tuition fees is also required.

The documents needed for a Stay Card applications are as follows:

  • • 4 copies of the filled in application form (1 original and 3 copies).
  • • 5 current colour photographs (dimensions: 4,3 cm x 3,5 cm, left facial profile).
  • • A photocopy of your traveling document (like passport) and the original for review.
  • • A proof of the registry of your residence address at a local government office.
  • • A proof of payment of the processing fee.

Validity Period Of Stay Card In Slovenia
Stay Card may be issued for the period of three months or longer, however not longer than two years. It is granted for the period that is by three months longer than the period of employment (the period for which the foreigner has the employment contract), however not longer than for two years.

Recognition of professional qualifications
In Slovenia, over 350 professions are regulated. In order to take up one of them, a person is legally required to have special qualifications.

Recognition of professional qualifications takes place on the basis of:

The sectoral system of recognition of professional qualifications
It is a system for automated recognition of qualifications that covers seven regulated professions, These are: doctor (general practitioner and specialist), dental practitioner, pharmacist, nurse, midwife, veterinary surgeon and architect. The fact that a given person has appropriate qualifications specified by the provisions of the Directive is a sufficient condition to recognize the qualifications and to take up a job.

The general system of recognition of professional qualifications
It is a system of recognition of qualifications for the regulated professions and activities that are not covered by the sectoral system of recognition of professional qualifications. Therefore, they are not recognized automatically, but they are considered individually by relevant competent bodies of the receiving country.

An application for recognition of professional qualification complete with relevant appendices should be submitted to the institution indicated as a body competent to recognize the qualifications for practicing of a given regulated profession.

Blue Card Issued in another EU Member State
A foreigner who stayed in another EU Member State for at least 18 months, based on a Blue Card, and who wants to take up high-skilled employment in Slovenia, submits an application for a Portuguese Blue card one month from their arrival in Slovenia at the latest. The fact of having a Blue Card in another country does not entitle its holder to any privileges in Slovenia. Its holder has to meet the above conditions, when applying for a card in Slovenia. Similarly, the holder of a Blue Card issued in Slovenia, when planning high-skilled employment in another EU Member State, has to apply for the local Blue Card in this Member State, in accordance with applicable laws.

Required Earnings
In order for a foreigner to be granted the Blue Card, his annual gross remuneration based on the employment contract may not be lower than the minimum remuneration set out in the Regulation of the Minister of Internal Affairs. The amount is dependent on the type of profession. In the first and second group of, so called, great professions (drivers, experts, higher-ranking officials) the minimum remuneration in 2012 amounts to PLN 4079.31 gross a month (48,953 a year), for the remaining employees – 5,099.25 a month (PLN 61,191 gross a year). These rates are changeable and thus it is necessary to check their current level each time.

Refusal to grant the Blue Card
The foreigner obtains a refusal to be granted a card if:

  • • Their stay in Slovenia is illegal.
  • • Their data are entered in the SIS system or in the register of foreigners who are undesirable in Slovenia.
  • • They have presented false data or documents in the application.
  • • For security reasons or for the reasons of national defense.
  • • Employer of a foreigner was punished for having breached the Spanish provisions governing the labour market.

Card Withdrawal
The Blue Card is withdrawn from a foreigner if the reasons for its issuance cease to exist (e.g. a foreigner loses work), if a foreigner does not longer meet the conditions required to obtain the card, or if they change the employment conditions indicated in a permit, such as the employer, the position, or the remuneration, without the required change Of permit.