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Historically, among the most popular music festivals in Slovenia was the Slovenska popevka festival. Right after the World War II begun the long tradition of Jazz festivals in Slovenia, then part of the Titoist Yugoslavia, with the Jazz festival Ljubljana.Between 1981 and 2000 the Novi Rock festival was notable for bringing rock music across Iron curtain from the West to the Slovenian and then Yugoslav audience.A number of music, theater, film, festivals takes place in Slovenia each year, including Ljubljana Summer Festival, Lent Festival. The festivals are arranged by weeks and are still subject to change. Festival organisers are invited to send in their festival 2014 dates as soon as possible

Mladi levi Festival

The Mladi levi Festival (in English: Young Lions Festival) is one of the most prominent events organised by Bunker Institute, which initiated the festival in Slovenia in 1998 within the international network Junge Hunde. The international festival that takes place every end of the summer at the Old Power Station and the surrounding neighbourhood, aims to present makers whose work is characterised by original approaches to theatre and dance, focusing on talented and emerging stage performers, along with presenting already established progressive authors. The Festival has a distinctive atmosphere, marked with creativity and vibrant spirit, and social nature. It is an interdisciplinary place of exchange and co-operations, which extend beyond the habitual local or international concepts.

Luksuz Cheap Film Festival

Luksuz Cheap Film Festival was established in 2003 by Luksuz Production, DZMP, the video production arm of the Society of Allies for Soft Landing, Krško (DZMP), motivated by the advent of cheap film production in recent years and the consequent democratisation of media. The festival features some 30 short and low-budget film productions by both domestic and foreign experimental and alternative directors and activists, created in a non-commercial or non-institutional context and offering an alternative to mainstream "Hollywood" and national film productions. Luksuz Festival welcomes films that tackle the subject of society and culture, social critique, cultural diversity and youth culture.

Consortium Musicum Ljubljana

Consortium Musicum Ljubljana is the largest non-professional mixed choir in Slovenia specialising in the performances of vocal-instrumental music. The choir is able to study new programmes very quickly and prepares more than 10 different programmes in a year. It performs regularly with both symphonic orchestras – Slovene Philharmonic and RTV Slovenia Symphony Orchestra.

Music festivals

From baroque to blues, acoustic to electronic, garage punk to global ethno, there is a music festival in Slovenia for all musical tastes, genres, and styles. There are music festivals in castles, music festivals along river fronts, music festivals in concert halls, and music festivals under the stars.The music festivals in Slovenia as well as the multidisciplinary festivals that also include music performances.