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For entry to most Postgraduate Taught or Research degrees, the minimum requirement is a good undergraduate degree from a recognized university. Students with a Slovenian Diplom would normally be asked to achieve a grade of 7.5/10 or 4/5 or better. However, each application is considered individually and you are advised to contact the College Office for further information on admission. The adoption of the Bologna system also supports the academic and professional recognition of qualifications, and the overall development of modern education methods and internationally relevant undergraduate and postgraduate studies. All postgraduate study programmes are evaluated with ECTS points. At graduation, postgraduate students receive a diploma supplement as diploma's component part, used by students as their study report and study achievements, when searching for employment. A diploma supplement is issued in Slovene and in one of official EU languages.

General application requirements
Foreign citizens and Slovenians without Slovenian citizenship who completed secondary school abroad may enrol in Bachelor studies if they meet the following requirements:

  • • completed four-year secondary school;
  • • completed procedure for the recognition of foreign secondary education certificates;
  • • • successful result on required tests, if applicable;
  • • • Knowledge of the Slovenian language.

Copies of certificates and other documents which candidates must send to the Higher Education Application Information Service of the chosen Slovenian university:

  • • notarized final certificate of a four year secondary school (or matura certificate);
  • • a secondary school diploma;
  • • notarised transcripts for the last two years of completed secondary school recording academic performance;
  • • personal identity cards or certificates of citizenship.
  • • Certificate indicating that the candidate has passed the Examination in Intermediate Level Slovenian.