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"My name is Ann Marry and I am a Post graduate student at University of Ljubljana studying the Masters in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. This involves creating hardware and software for evaluation kits and for companies' chips. I have been able to extensively use my electronic and programming knowledge that I gained for my course.."

[ - Ann Marry - Electrical and Electronic Engineering]

"Civil Engineering is a great field. There are plenty of job opportunities and a variety of exciting areas of work from drafting and design to the field and lab. There is so much potential to learn and grow in this field. What I like best is you are able to see the product of your work and really feel like you’re contributing. It’s a great way to be part of our changing world” I completed my masters at University of Ljubljana. So today I am placed and all credit goes to University of Ljubljana "

[ - Roslin Jhon - Civil Engineering]

" I graduated with a BA in Economics in 2005. After taking a year out I decided that I wanted to pursue a career in Finance. I decided to apply to University of Maribor as it was something new, and the brand is well known overseas. This suited me as I was interested in working abroad. The course is very comprehensive, covering a wide range of subjects and disciplines. The lecturers come from a wide variety of backgrounds and came from all over the world. It gave me exposure to a lot of new ideas and styles"

[ - Brayan Davis: Master in Nanotechnologies]

"I had decided to do my masters abroad, and every time a professor back in Slovenia would recommend a programme, telecommunication. I wanted to study in a vibrant city with a large international community. There is also a large international community with students from all over the world, and it’s so inspiring to be in a place where people from so many different backgrounds have the same passion. One of the greatest things about the communication field is that you can help promote and strengthen issues, causes and work that you believe in."

[ - Martin David: Master in Electronics and communication]

"I completed my undergraduate degree at University of Nova Gorica, and soon thereafter, it became clear that University of Nova Gorica had much more to offer to me. I became interested in pursuing a master’s degree in civil engineering, the same discipline in which I had completed my bachelor’s degree. I was surprised at the subtle, yet significant, differences between the undergraduate and graduate schools. It seemed as though there was a whole new integrated community that was previously unknown to me, when I finally completed my master’s degree, I felt as though I was thoroughly ready to move into the working world. So today I am placed and all credit goes to University of Nova Gorica."

[ - Elizabeth John: Master in Textile Engineering]