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Visit Ljubljana & Piran

The capital, by no means should you miss it. I like to describe it as a big city life with the small town hassle. Meaning it has everything you might expect and it's in the palm of your hand, galleries, museums, ancient building, Roman ruins... But what you will definitely remember is the center, with the famous bridge and the lovely river flowing leisurely underneath it. It's best to visit it on a Saturday morning, go to the market and follow it with a cup of coffee right on the river bank. Enjoy the sun, crowds of people and the beautiful views of the cathedral and the castle perched on top of the hill.

One of the towns on the Slovenian infamous coast. If I want a break from the often too foggy and cold Ljubljana, we go and enjoy the sun that seems to always shine in Piran. The smell of the sea in the small harbor, the narrow streets, squares and the architecture make you feel as if you've stumbled into one of the towns in Italy. The beautiful church set on the hill, offers beautiful views of the town and the bay.


We have gathered together the most important information for you, to help make your travel around Slovenia as smooth and relaxing as possible. There should be no difficulties in travelling around Slovenia, as it is very simple to do, even if you are from another country and speak no Slovene. Anyone involved in any way in arranging your travel will generally speak English. A large proportion of the population also speak other foreign languages. For minimum stress, there is much you can do for yourself.


In Slovenia, it is easy to embellish a day with fun activities that will entertain you and provide relaxation. The offer is varied, especially for those who already have fun by trying out new things or experiences. You should become familiarised with some of our tips, which represent only a starting point for your inspiration. An appropriate time for fun activities is the evening, especially, and the night hours, when you wish for relaxation after a hard day. You can go for a delicious dinner in a Slovenian restaurant, relaxing conversation in one of the cafes or bars or dancing in a nightclub or discotheque.A comedy at a Slovenian theatre or a stand up comedian performance, which have been becoming popular recently in Slovenia, will bring a smile to your face. Several entertainment events are offered in the evening; however, you can also decide to go to a concert by your favourite music performer or see a movie in the cinema.